I-Little is dedicated to bringing nurseries the tools needed to manage the day-to-day tasks of running a nursery, from creating observations to monitoring the progress of the children. We aim to work closely with our nurseries to further develop our tools and innovate new features and functions by listening closely to what nurseries need.

Our mission is to improve the future development of young children, globally. We can only achieve this by working with childcare professionals to create the necessary tools that allow nurseries to manage their children, keeping child development the key focus.

Our core values

We are proud to share our core values that define our work and our mission in creating the best Nursery Management platform.

Innovation is the force behind our growth. It enables us to continue innovating new technology, features and functions that keep us ahead of everyone else, it allows us to provide our customers with the best platform available in our industry.
We pride ourselves on our continuous strive for improvement. We continually improve our platform with regular updates, we also regularly ask for feedback from nurseries on how we can continue improving our platform so nurseries can get the most from us.
Being The Best
We aim to be the best, who doesn’t want to be the best? We are always working ahead of the competition, ensuring we are three steps ahead of our competition by regularly developing new features and function that allow nurseries to do more, for less.
For The Kids
Children are our future and are the most important part of our lives, they are the reason why we work. To help our children, and yours, we work hard to help children get the best start and reach their full potential.
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