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I-Little will streamline your processes and rapidly reduce your admin time. It is helping nurseries like yours to manage Children, Parents and Teachers in one place. I-Little is designed not to be only flexible, but also accurate, secure and reliable.

Things we can do for you

I-Little is a nursery management solution which empowers childcare practitioners with the tools that allow them to perform everyday processes quickly and effectively. These tools simply tasks such as taking registry, observations, create reports and much more. Using the latest technology and products, we aim to deliver the most comprehensive nursery management solution available.

Our platform allows you to create advanced EYFS observations including images, videos and attachments, these observations allow nurseries to track a child’s progress following the framework.

View notifications, reminders, absences, birthdays and interact with parents from our advanced dashboard, the dashboard is your home and displays all the important information at one glance.

Take registers both online and even offline, our advanced register allows you to monitor the children coming in and out of the nursery, it even lets you take a register offline.

Create and view advanced report that allows you to monitor every aspect of the nursery, from EYFS observation reports to Strength reports, save these reports as PDF’s for offline analysis.

Control every aspect of the platform, we give you the ability to change our platform to meet your needs, from creating additional elements such as meal types, accident types and much more.

I-Little allows parents and teachers to access the application from anywhere, anytime and from any device, giving total freedom to you. We ensure that our platform is available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Your security is our concern; therefore our platform is built with End-To-End Encryption, ensuring your data is safe.
Built with the latest advanced in technology, we have developed and hosting our software solution in the cloud.
Flexibility is important and a key function of our platform. We have developed our platform for easy integration.
No-matter the device you are using, our application will look stunning on any device or hardware that you may have.
We ensure your Data is kept safe by encrypting all Data and storing your Data in the Cloud on dedicated hardware.
Our application is easy to understand and use, for both Nurseries and Parents alike, we believe in simplicity.
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